Type function
Library wattageTileEngine.Engine.*
Return value Engine
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This function creates a new instance of Engine.


Engine.new( params )
params (required)

Table. Contains all required inputs. See Required Properties below.

Required Properties

The params table contains the following properties:

parentGroup (required)

GroupObject. All display objects managed by the engine will be children or grandchildren of this group.

tileSize (required)

Number. The size of the tiles used by the engine. It is assumed that tiles are square.

spriteResolver (required)

SpriteResolver. The sprite resolver that the layer will use to resolve the keys passed into the addEntity() function.

compensateLightingForViewingPosition (required)

boolean. There may be cases where the lighting applied to a tile depends on the position of the viewer. For example, a tile may represent the outer wall of a building. If the viewer is outside the building, it should be lit brightly since it is daytime outside. However, if the viewer is inside the building, it should be lit dimly by an indoor light or perhaps no light at all. Setting this property to true will result in the appropriate lighting according to the view position. Setting this property to false will always use the aggregate lighting of the tile.

hideOutOfSightElements (required)

boolean. Setting this value to true will result in blacking out tiles which do not fall into the line of sight of the viewer. Setting this to false will not black out those tiles.


local TileEngine = require "plugin.wattageTileEngine"

local spriteResolver = {}
spriteResolver.resolveForKey = function(key)
    return TileEngine.SpriteInfo.new({
        imageRect = display.newImageRect(key, 32, 32),
        width = 32,
        height = 32

local tileEngineLayer = display.newGroup()

local tileEngine = TileEngine.Engine.new({