Type function
Library wattageTileEngine.LightingModel.*
Return value VOID
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This function will update the location of the light associated with the specified ID.

NOTE: If the new position of the light is the same as the old position, the light will not be marked dirty and will not result in further processing.


LightingModel.updateLight( params )
params (required)

Table. Contains all required inputs. See Required Properties below.

Required Properties

The params table contains the following properties:

lightId (required)

Number. The ID of the light to move.

newRow (required)

Number. The row of the destination tile.

NOTE: Row numbers start at 1 and increase from top to bottom.

newColumn (required)

Number. The column of the destination tile.

NOTE: Column numbers start at 1 and increase from left to right.


    lightId = 42,
    newRow = 10,
    newColumn = 15