Type function
Library wattageTileEngine.Utils.*
Return value VOID
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This function verifies that the named properties have all been defined on the passed in table. It can be used to verify that a function has been called with all of the required parameters. If any of the parameters have not been defined, an error is thrown.


Utils.requireParams( paramNames, params )
paramNames (required)

Table. Table containing the names of required properties.

params (optional)

Table. Table containing the parameter values for the function.


local TileEngine = require 'plugin.wattageTileEngine'
local Utils = TileEngine.Utils

-- Will throw an error.
local params1 = {
    x = 1
Utils.requireParams({"x", "y"}, params1)

-- Will not throw an error.
local params2 = {
    x = 1,
    y = 2
Utils.requireParams({"x", "y"}, params2)